AI tools and its integration in business

In the dynamic world of large language models (LLM) and AI development, generative AI is a strong tool, particularly in content creation and text generation. Businesses want to engage their audience better, and putting ChatGPT on websites can help with the automation of this task. Our small guide explores how and where to integrate AI tools on your website. Here we give insider info about AI development for businesses, what type of data is generative AI most suitable for, and how to use ChatGPT and keep up with SEO trends. Let's start enhancing your website's capabilities together through AI integration.

In this article, we'll cover:

  1. The AI toolkit our team use for various tasks.

  2. Opportunities for integrating AI into your daily routine.

  3. Case study: ChatGPT-powered SEO tool for web pages.

  4. Case study: AI-powered services for custom tasks.

  5. Our cost-effective method of creating a blog with over 10,000 expert multilingual articles for just $40.

IMHO, our team truly believes that AI enhances human capabilities rather than replacing them.

ClickUp’s feature called "Write with AI" is fantastic for speeding up our workflow. I absolutely love how it lets us use the AI feature before assigning tasks.

Notion is a tool I'm really excited about. It offers amazing features like auto-filling, brainstorming, and Q&A with AI functions that help businesses and creators work more efficiently. It's like having a virtual assistant right at your fingertips!

Have you seen the latest version V.6 of Midjourney? They've enhanced visual coherence, speech perception, photorealism, and text writing. It's quite impressive how they keep pushing the boundaries!

AI won't replace human work. It's about people who embrace AI's potential will outpace those who resist adopting modern tech in their work and business.

Where can you routinely use AI right now?

Content tasks with ChatGPT
  • Improve product descriptions.

  • Write engaging blog posts.

  • Optimise your website content.

  • It's perfect for creating YouTube video scripts.

Tailoring offers with AI recommendations

Today, personalization is crucial in business. With Google's recommendation AI, you can ensure your customers receive the best product offers. Whether it's on-site suggestions or personalized emails, AI helps tailor the shopping experience to each user's interests. Find it here.

Enhance your visuals with AI image processing

Visual content is key! Explore Product Studio's free tools and with just a few clicks, you can create stunning scenes, improve image quality, and edit backgrounds effortlessly. 

These tools not only save you time and money but also help you get more buyers than your competitors in different places where you advertise.

Case study: ChatGPT-powered SEO tool for web pages

Let's explore a real-life example of how ChatGPT is used in SEO routine tasks:

Our "parent company," Web-Systems Solutions, came up with an innovative idea to leverage OpenAI's technology to provide a practical solution for businesses that use the Shopify platform for eCommerce. The team created a module for the Shopify ecosystem specifically tailored to help with SEO for Shopify online stores.

Powered by ChatGPT, #Metagen SEO Shopify app generates unique and relevant metadata for the products and store pages.

How it works? 
  1. ChatGPT analyzes product listings and generates meta tags for keywords.

  2. Merchants create compelling and unique optimized meta tags for their stores.

  3. This increases conversion rates and optimizes Shopify pages well.

You can check out a full case study of this AI-driven SEO app here

Case study: AI-powered services for custom tasks

If your products are in food, drugs, cosmetics, or medical devices, and you're cautious about health, efficacy, or safety claims, staying compliant with rules and regulations can be tough.

That's where our development of the service comes in. It's like having a super-smart assistant on your team. Sell Protect uses a proprietary AI framework, custom tuned by compliance experts, to scan your select pages for FTC and FDA compliance. It will give you an analysis of your risk level, as well as suggestions on how to fix the issues. It spots any compliance issues with FDA and FTC rules and gives you the lowdown on how to fix them. With, online sellers in USA can breathe easy, knowing they're on the right side of the law and free to focus on growing their business hassle-free.

Our cost-effective method of creating a blog with over 10,000 expert multilingual articles for just $40

Yes, now we’re talking! The utilization of GPT-3.5 Turbo for content generation has revolutionized the way businesses approach their marketing and communication strategies. 

With the abillty to translate over 10,000 articles for $40, our team made professional translation accessible to our client Upstage company. This enables them to expand their reach to global markets with ease.

With Upstage company we translated more than 10.000 articles only for $40.Using GPT 3.5Turbo we generated 15800+ requests. and almost 7 000 000 tokens to finish this work.


Despite the fact that AI is currently developing rapidly and the information it analyzes and receives may not be 100% accurate, there are known cases where ChatGPT, instead of providing a correct answer, generated it based on the data it had. This essentially leads to the formulation of fake information (distortion), which is incorrect. Therefore, anything that AI does, especially in the field of content generation, needs to be checked. This is especially important for the generation of materials involving translations, technical terminology, etc.


In today's business world, artificial intelligence is changing how companies work. Tools like SellProtect and integrations with eCommerce platforms are making a big difference. 

At Homin, we leverage innovative technologies and artificial intelligence to accelerate business development in your industry.

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