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The Khmelnytskyi Regional Art Museum (XOXM) is the first museum of modern Ukrainian art in the history of independent Ukraine. Its collection primarily comprises works by outstanding artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. This museum represents a project with real "lasting echoes", where we've showcased both a traditional repository of exhibits and a contemporary space for creativity and relaxation.

The pandemic and its impact on cultural and educational initiatives

We began developing the "XOXM" project during the pandemic and amid quarantine restrictions. It was during this time that the need for maximum digitization arose. The museum introduced new work formats such as #ARTisolation, #artathome, flash mobs, online galleries, video tours, and master classes.

As a result, the primary objectives for the website became web storage and access to the museum's digitized collections, along with facilitating convenient web searches for museum services and events.

At this stage, we developed a logical user flow with a structure for each page of the museum website.

Visual component of the project

The brand identity and website should effectively capture the unique atmosphere of the institution and help to draw attention to its work.

Logos for ХОХМ

We have developed 3 types of logo:

  1. Logo that's optimized for digital display.

  2. Logo without decoding for printing and other purposes.

  3. Colour versions of the logo.

HOHM логотип

Colour scheme and typography

The main colour scheme is black and white. It is well-suited for any content and conveys neutral messages effectively.

A bright colour, turquoise, is used as colour accents on the website, for all calls to action, or for individual elements of printed products.

HOHM Кольорова гамма та типографіка

Graphic elements of visual style

As the foundation for branded graphic elements, we utilized the figures featured on the facade of the real museum building.

The branded pattern is suitable for merchandise and printed products.

Merch for ХОХМ
Greeting cards
We designed greeting cards to allow visitors to take a piece of the museum with them as a souvenir. The postcards are divided into series based on different artistic styles.
Eco bags
Eco-friendly bags featuring a branded pattern and logo serve as both a functional item and a stylish addition to one's wardrobe. Besides, they provide an opportunity for additional advertising of the museum.

The brand book

Our designers have compiled all visual style recommendations for the Khmelnytskyi Regional Art Museum into a mini brand book, which has been provided to the museum in .pdf format.

What about the tech stack?

We chose CMS WordPress for its convenience in managing a large amount of content. Additionally, we created a responsive design to ensure the website functions effectively on all devices and screen sizes. Furthermore, we implemented multilingual functionality to promote the resource among tourists and guests of the city.

The project for ХОХМ represents our special contribution to the development of the culture of the city of Khmelnytskyi, where most of our team originates from. As a result of our collaboration, we've created a new brand identity and logo for the art museum, along with a modern website. Visitors can now explore exhibits in the online gallery and become part of exciting art events.

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