Development of a comprehensive solution: a mobile application for fitness

The modern fitness industry is developing rapidly, offering a variety of programs and services for individuals seeking a healthy lifestyle. However, alongside its dynamic growth, this industry encounters several challenges that necessitate modern mobile solutions, both literally and figuratively.

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A fitness trainer from Kyiv reached out to our team for an expert guidance. The athlete together with his wife created their effective training program back in Ukraine. After moving to the US, they decided to expand the program's reach by developing a mobile app. Our client envisioned a world where people could easily access fitness routines and nutrition guidance anytime, anywhere.

Inspired by the idea and the scale of the work that awaited us, we proceeded to study the market, its challenges, and critical aspects.

The Main Problems of the Modern Fitness Industry

Every year, sports publications conduct a variety of surveys of coaches, athletes, and sports fans about the problems and development of the fitness industry. According to recent studies, both beginners and professionals have identified 3 most popular problems in the industry:

Challenges During Project Implementation

Considering all the problems faced by athletes, coaches, and sports fans, our team has created a mobile application that has become an effective tool for planning a daily sports routine.

Our team accepted all the challenges during the project implementation:

Payment Integration

The biggest challenge was setting up one-time payments through the Apple Store and Google Play, as long as both app markets typically cater to subscriptions. It was necessary to synchronize data from different systems and transfer information about the subscription and the client from the web pages to the app, linking the appropriate subscription. Ensuring payment security and protecting user data were also crucial aspects of the payment integration workflow.

Chat Development

The client's main goal was to establish a live chat between the coach and the client. It was essential to offer users the option to add photos and voice messages and receive the coach's reactions. Additionally, users were expected to upload photos of their meals to receive expert feedback on their diet. These features needed to be seamlessly integrated into user and coach profiles for effortless navigation and interaction.

Video content

We needed to find a reliable solution for storing and streaming video training content that would be accessible to users regardless of their internet speed.

Changing Business Logic

During the project, the business logic was modified, certain features were finalized during the brainstorms, and together we made up a series of creative decisions. A  team comprising trainers, nutritionists, and developers collaborated on the app, providing valuable feedback for the FitTech industry solution and enhancing expertise for future projects of a similar nature.

IntensFit offers a comprehensive solution for the fitness industry

The IntensFit app is the result of the fruitful work of the entire team. It offers an innovative approach to solving the problems faced by the modern fitness industry. Real-life trainers with experience help users choose the optimal training and nutrition program, as well as provide personalized advice and support. What sets IntensFit apart is that its unique features are available without requiring a paid App subscription. Instead, it offers a paid Gym-alike subscription plan that enables users to customize their experience and pay only for the services they require.

Benefits of IntensFit for Fitness Trainers

Effective client management for a fitness trainer is not just about a list of exercises in the gym. True professionals understand the value of quality tools, and IntensFit opens up many opportunities for trainers:

  • Increasing work efficiency and automating routine tasks.

  • The ability to offer clients personalized training and nutrition programs makes services more competitive.

  • The ability to keep in touch with clients, track their progress, and provide them with the necessary support increases loyalty to the trainer.

The ability to keep in touch with clients, track their progress, and provide them with the necessary support increases loyalty to the trainer. We know how to make your dream come true so that your customers download it on their smartphone.

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